Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. This Privacy Policy explains our data gathering, dissemination and protection practices.

User's Identity and Passwords

The website is open to all and does not require visitors to reveal their identities. The site server logs visitor IP addresses in order to track sessions, but visitors remain anonymous.

Non-public documents on the site are for registered users and are password-protected. Obviously, we know the identity of people whom we have given passwords; IP addresses are logged and the server records the documents accessed during each session.

The information gathered before issuing password access is used solely to facilitate communication (e.g., to be eligible to receive analyses via email) and to insure that only accredited and institutional investors are able to access the reports. Of course, you may choose not to receive investment analyses when you registered; if you signed-up for email delivery and later change your mind, you may opt-out by simply sending an email to:

We do not sell, rent, or loan our membership roster (or any other registration data) to third parties.

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